Science at Home Resources

I have become an Amazon Associate, so I can share some of the equipment that I have used for Science Club sessions and you can recreate the activities at home.  This does mean I will earn a small fee for advertising the item here, but it is at no additional cost to you.


As part of my Science Unschool Club, I produce booklets to accompany each session.  These give a brief overview of the Science behind the activities that have been carried out (when often, the activities are far too engaging for a full explanation of what is happening) and allow parents/carers to discuss this later on.  There are also website links for participants or their adults to follow and find out a bit more.  And finally, I suggest ways that you can continue the Science at home, extending the activity or exploring a different aspect of the theory behind it.

I have expanded these booklets to become more comprehensive guides to the sessions, so that anyone purchasing the booklet, can carry out the experiments as we did and read about the Science too.  I try to include photos to explain the steps of the method where necessary and give some hints and tips on how to make sure it works first time.  Each booklet is £4.  Please contact me for further information or to make a purchase (via Paypal) here.


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Space – Full Booklet.  Details all 4 experiments from the session, the equipment required and the Science that explains it all.



Since January 2017, I started another role with the Rochester Bridge Trust.  In this role, as Education Officer, I support engineering education.  Our resources are free and available here: