Cecil Road Primary School Science Club

Science Club collage

As part of Cecil Road Primary School’s after school club provision, Bioactive Learning runs a Science Club on Thursday afternoon, for pupils of the Junior school.  It runs until 4.30pm and all equipment is provided.  Further details can be sought from the school.

Science Club will NOT be running on Thursday 4th May (school closes due to elections), Thursday 8th June (again, due to the General Election) and Thursday 29th June (in school activity), with the last week being Thursday 13th July.

Some of the activities we have enjoyed included:

Making bug hotels…
Making Green Hearts in support for the Love Nature campaign #showthelove
Making paper airplanes and testing them out…

We have also made oobleck, slime, instant ice cream, CD hovercraft, straw rockets, egg protectors, tomato carriers, rubber balls, code crackers, film canister rockets…

We’ve made raisins dance, bottles suck up water, colours disappear, and lots more!

If you go to Cecil Road Primary School, maybe come along and find out more!