Science Unschool Club

Unschool Club March 2018
The next Science Unschool Club is 27th March 2018
at Spark Learning Centre in Gravesend.

Future dates:

Unschool Club April 2018

Tuesday 24th April 2018 – Spark Learning Centre, Gravesend

Science unschool club May 2018

Tuesday 22nd May 2018 – Spark Learning Centre, Gravesend

Unschool Club June 2018

Tuesday 26th June 2018 – Spark Learning Centre, Gravesend

This will be the last club in the current academic year, to accommodate the long school summer holidays.  Science Unschool Club will be back in September 2018.

February 2018’s Club was: 

Chinese New Year Unschool Club February 2018January 2018’s club was:

Electricity Unschool Club January 2018 (1)

These were the clubs we enjoyed in 2017…

Tuesday 26th September –  Spark Learning Centre, Gravesend

Science Mash Up Sept Science Unschool Club

Tuesday 24th Halloween – Spark Learning Centre, Gravesend

Spooktacular Fun Science Unschool Club October 2017

Tuesday 28th November – Spark Learning Centre, Gravesend

Fire and Fizzes Science Unschool Club November 2017

Tuesday 19th December – Spark Learning Centre, Gravesend

Winter Science Science Unschool Club Tues 19th December.png

The Science Unschool Club in Gravesend runs on the last/4th Tuesday of the month (school holidays permitting) with one session running from 10.30am until 11.30am, and a study session at 12pm until 1.00pm.

Spark Learning Centre in Gravesend is not far from the train station, bus routes and has ample parking close by.

All activities are hands-on, so whilst risk assessed to reduce risk as much as possible, aprons and safety glasses are on hand!  Usually there is at least one item to take home, as well as a booklet for parents/carers to use to develop understanding or just continue the fun.

Previous sessions have included:


In the Garden – 5 different activities that all have an ‘outdoor’ connection but that can be carried out in the relative warmth of your home.  If you sign up to my newsletter, I will send you a free copy of the Booklet that accompanied the session, explaining how to do the activities and the Science behind them.





space theme unschool club


Space – the second session of the club.  Unfortunately, budget and physics prevented actually getting up there and having a closer look, but we tried to recreate it by making a ‘Space’ mobile, with scale model planets.  We also had a go at making some ‘alien slime’.

goo and ooh theme unschool club


Things that make you go “Oooh”! – I designed this with a few more ‘spectacular’ demonstrations and activities in mind.  Growing crystal snowflakes, lava in a bottle and bending pencils were just some of the fun had.



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