Home Education Support

I offer lots of services to support those that are home educating their children.

Study Sessions:

Similar to science tuition, this is a small group session, similarly structured to ‘formal’ school lessons, with the aim being to develop understanding of a specific concept.  By having regular sessions over time, a more comprehensive knowledge of Science concepts can be developed.  This can be developed with a view to working towards a formal qualification, such as GCSEs.

Generic Sci Ed study session ad 2017

Science Unschool Club:

A monthly activity at a local venue in Gravesend, where learners aged 5 years+ can come and have a play!  Each session is themed and parents/carers are provided with a booklet that briefly explains the Science covered during the activities in the session, as well as links for developing further understanding and ideas of what else can be explored using the same equipment or practical activities.  Fully hands-on, risk assessed, fun activities modelled on ‘after school’ clubs.

Information Resources and Reviews:

I can source or prepare bespoke resources to support home education of Science.  Very often with younger children, the activities are simple enough to carry out at home, but the Science behind them can sometimes be anything but simple.  I can help as a virtual teacher.  I also review various resources available for home schooling online.  These are not always the most scientifically rigorous, and may not support a future Science career or qualifications.