All Good Things Come to an End…


When I applied for my Education Officer post, I did not foresee that it would supercede my Bioactive Learning role, merely that it would compliment it.  However, in recent months, the Education programme has expanded and developed, and my role has increased in hours.  As such, from September 2019, Bioactive Learning as an active operator of Science Clubs will cease to exist.  I hope to offer my expertise in resources to purchase for individuals and schools to run their own STEM clubs, but I will no longer be actively running them myself.

The shaking is hard work!!

It is with great fondness that I reflect upon my short period of running my own business.  It surprised me with the relative ease in which I developed the concepts and established a small band of ‘regulars’ at my clubs.  Life often surprises us with the twists and turns it takes, and I am excited for the future, but equally, I appreciate that the experience and skills these opportunities afforded me have allowed me to reach this point.  It is also with some sadness that I will have to say ‘goodbye’ to Science clubs.


Fortunately, there is still time to enjoy Science Club before it ends – ‘A Science to See’ in March, ‘Historical Science’ in April, ‘Weather’ in May and ‘Party Science’ in June are the Science Unschool Clubs still to run this academic year at Spark Learning Centre in Gravesend.

Unschool Club Mar 2019


I feel very privileged that I have had the chance to meet so many lovely keen STEM-gineers along the way.  I wish all my Science Club and Science Unschool Club scientists the very best.

pexels-photo-262272 future robot


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