Scientific Reading Matter…

One of my go-to apps when I’m out running is Audible.  I love listening to a book while I’m pounding the pavements or cycle paths, and indulging in a little ‘me time’ that can be in short supply with two jobs, two children, one husband, one cat, and a half dozen fish that are determined to turn my hair greyer than it already it is, judging by how frequently they disappear and/or die.  I digress…

My favourite read for slightly longer, more leisurely runs is “Welcome to the Universe: An Astrophysical Tour”.

I have yet to complete the book, but I love hearing how somewhat everyday concepts can be entirely misunderstood, or to visualise the immense scale of the universe using fairly regular, normal references.

It is written and narrated in very plain English (or American I suppose) and introduces the layman to the grandeur of the Universe without complicating matters.  It doesn’t just stick with stars, physics and maths, but also deals with life in the universe, diversity and basic carbon chemistry, as well as cosmic strings, wormholes and time travel.  So, simple stuff then!

The brilliance of this book, though, isn’t that it isn’t complex, it’s that it is very complex, but beautifully explained by these amazing physicists, in a way a fairly average person can understand.  It cuts through the idea that science is so academic, so clever and complicated, that only geniuses and geeks, like those on the Big Bang Theory, can understand or be interested in it.

The audible book is accompanied by the diagrams that would be found in the book, so you don’t miss out on those – but they’re not that useful when running!  However, I enjoyed the book so much, that I actually asked for the book for Christmas, so have a beautiful hardback copy of my very own.


I heartily recommend having a read, or a listen, and if you sign up for an Audible trial, it will be free to do so.

Please note, I have included affiliate links within this post, including for the Audible trial above.  You do not have to purchase any of these items, or use these links to make the purchases should you choose to, however, if you do, I will receive a small commission from Amazon.  It will not cost you a penny more.

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