More Electrifying Fun!

At Science Unschool Club, we got stuck into using the potato clock kits to explore powering devices just using a potato, lemon or even salt water.

I have found that the best kit for the job is actually the Green Science Enviro Battery one:

All of the potato clock type kits are fairly similar – the same types of wires, electrodes and so on.  However, this kit actually has lots of other experiments that can be carried out, including a fun light tower with LED lamp and a sound chip, which produces a distinctive, if annoying, noise!  I purchased it through Amazon in 2016, but the price obviously depends on stock availability, so keep an eye out for more stock becoming available…

At a pinch, the Funtime Potato Clock does the job very well.  It’s slightly cheaper than the other brands, and actually, seems to include the same basic equipment as those.  I have bought a few of these to ensure I have sufficient kits for all of the Unschool Clubbers to use, so I would say they would be a good option for use at home too.

You can use the kit in the same way as you would the Green Science Enviro Battery one – you can use small pots or cups to explore whether you can power the clock with just water (you will need 3 containers), adding salt and/or vinegar to see if that makes a difference, or using paper clips or copper coins as electrodes instead of the ones included.  You can even try some pots of mud instead of the potato too!

A slightly cheaper, but again reasonable, kit is this one:

I purchased this one in 2018 to add to my stock for the club and found it to be equivalent to the others.

So have fun using your produce to power your clocks, and don’t forget to share your photos with me on Facebook!


Please note, included above are affiliate links.  You do not have to use these links or purchase these specific items, but if you do use them to make a purchase, I will receive a small fee for advertising.  It will not cost you a penny more.

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