December, Festive Science, and beyond…

As we are rapidly approaching December and the last of this year’s Science Unschool Clubs, I can’t help but be drawn to considering 2017 and what it could bring.

This year has been interesting, challenging and a great experience.  I look back at all that has changed since I left “proper” teaching in 2015 and in some ways, cannot believe that it’s me doing all of this!  True, it hasn’t all been easy: getting to grips with website development, and gaining a greater knowledge of HMRC than anybody should want to know, certainly as someone who was PAYE for her whole working life, being just two…  Yet it has also been incredibly enjoyable and enhanced my life.

An amazing opportunity arose in October and having decided to ‘suck it and see’ (a very dangerous activity in the laboratory, but not so bad in a sweet factory…) I have since been appointed as Education Officer for the Rochester Bridge Trust.

I will be spending two days a week doing something I love doing: promoting Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM), specifically civil engineering. I am incredibly pleased and excited to have been given this role, especially as it fits in so beautifully with my family life.

So where does this leave Bioactive Learning? I would be very sad to see the end of the project I’ve devoted so much energy to and met so many lovely people through. And of course, it wouldn’t seem right to start promoting STEM for one organisation at the expense of another. So, with that in mind, I need to consolidate Bioactive Learning activities.

Being self-employed has its advantages – such as being able to pick and choose my hours or activities. The biggest downside I’ve had, and one that prompted me to give the job application a go, is that it is a bit of a lonely business! I can go a week without seeing another adult in a work context or without speaking to anyone over the age of 6yrs for more than 5min at a time for 12 or more hours a day. I felt I needed some more consistency in my life and I missed people! Some people would love that – as someone that would be in contact with upwards of 200 people (adults and children) in a working week, and enjoyed that, it has been quite challenging.

So, I am really eager to see what 2017 holds for me and for Bioactive Learning. I really hope that I can combine the two STEM roles and do them both well. I hope that you, my lovely clubbers and my supporters, will continue to part of that too.


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