changes unschool club

We go through changes all the time, but in this session of the Science Unschool Club, it will hopefully only be the experiments that are changing – unless you count the amount of knowledge we have!

Water is a fantastic demonstrator of changes of state.  For something so plain, so boring – odourless, colourless, often almost totally tasteless – it shows massive changes when heated or cooled.  And all because of something invisible, hydrogen bonds.  Whilst other substances have them too, water has the advantage: it is ubiquitous and entirely safe.

There should be plenty more of the usual hands-on activity, exploring changes in different ways, and hopefully demonstrate how wonderful water can be!

Don’t forget, there is also a study session after the club, to consolidate learning on a similar theme for older learners.  Please contact me for further details.

Sci Ed study session ad 4


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