colour unschool club

I’m really looking forward to brightening up the day with some colourful science.  There’s lots to do – mixing colours, experimenting with light and seeing some ‘magic’ happen.

Light is white, but colour is produced by our perspective.  If a material reflects a certain colour, or wavelength, of light, we see it as that colour.  But does that really mean it is that colour?

Another, common, question is whether we all see the same colour.  Although we, usually, have the same sorts of recpetors in our eyes, people do see colours differently, whether due to genetic differences resulting in ‘colour blindness’ or whether due to the proportions of those receptors, as can happen between the sexes.The sky appears blue due to the scattering of the light: the blue and violet ends of the spectrum are scattered the most, but our eyes are more senstive to blue than violet.  So does that mean the sky actually is purple, we just can’t see it?

I don’t promise to answer all the fantastic colour questions out that, but I do promise to make it a fun-filled, hands-on, colourful hour!


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