And so it begins…

new_life2-800x476The latter part of 2015 was very different to how I had spent every other autumn term since teacher training. Gone was the stress and anxiety of starting another new school year, other than that felt as a mother for my daughter starting year 1. Gone was the subtle feeling of dread that forms from the beginning of the first lesson with a new class, and slowly, slowly builds over the course of the term until it’s ‘Assessment’ time and the marking deluge begins. Then it’s the moment for explanation and recrimination when those students fail to meet or exceed their targets… It would almost be described as a massive sense of freedom! All due to no longer being employed as a teacher.

Those few moments of relief and ‘relaxation’ (although how relaxed is it really with two young children?!) were soon joined by a sense of frustration and impotence, I WANTED to be a teacher, it was something I’m good at. I didn’t want to be in the ‘system’ anymore, and thankfully the change in our family circumstances meant I had that opportunity to leave it before I was any more ground down by it all, but that didn’t mean I didn’t care about teaching any more either.

Shortly afterwards, Bioactive Learning was born. It has not been a protracted or particularly traumatic delivery, but it has been tiring and oftentimes, worrying! Yet equally exhilarating and exciting, an awesome adventure!

I am using this blog to share some information and stories about me, as well as my aims and values for the organization. I hope it is the beginning of something special and paves the way for bigger, brighter and more active things in the future.

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